FOI Delegations - 2016

Ben Fairless made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Public Service Commission

The request was successful.

From: Ben Fairless


Dear Australian Public Service Commission,

Can I please have a copy of the current FOI Delegations, and any related directions issued in respect of FOI.

I believe this information could be considered "operational information" so I therefore request release under the IPS, or under Administrative Access.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Fairless

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From: FOI
Australian Public Service Commission

Attachment APSC s.23 authorisation.PDF.pdf
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Dear Mr Fairless

Please find attached a copy of the Australian Public Service Commissioner's FOI authorisation instrument under section 23 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Chris Luton
Legal Services
Australian Public Service Commission

p : 02 6202 3571 | f : 02 6250 4437
e : [email address] | w :

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