Footpath construction in the City of Greater Geelong

Martin Morrison made this Freedom of Information request to Greater Geelong City Council

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The request was refused by Greater Geelong City Council.

Martin Morrison

Dear Greater Geelong City Council,

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic), I request that I be provided with copies of:

a) The most recent version of the document referred to as "Council's footpath network strategy" in item 5 of the Minutes of the Council Meeting of 22 May 2018.
b) The most recent version of the document referred to as the "Footpath Customer Commitments Register" on the Council's website <>.
c) Documents (including but not limited to procedures, guidelines, checklists, worksheets, risk matrices, manuals, and forms) used by Council officers for the purpose of assessing and prioritising suggested or proposed footpath construction projects. For documents (such as forms) that are intended to be filled in, only blank copies are sought - completed assessments are not required, except to the extent that they are captured by part b).
d) Documents created by Council officers or councillors since 1 October 2017 recommending or requesting that a footpath construction project, or a Special Charge Scheme for such a project, be considered for implementation or be no longer considered for implementation.

In the case of b), I draw your attention to section 19 of the FOI Act, which requires CoGG to produce a document containing the contents of the Register if the Register does not already exist in the form of a document. Please ensure the provided document contains the complete contents of the Register (other than people's names and personal information), including all safety and connectivity information recorded in the Register, in a legible form.

Individuals' names and personal information, other than the names of councillors, may be redacted from all documents as required.

Please provide details of a bank account into which I can pay the relevant application fee.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Morrison

contactus, Greater Geelong City Council

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Tony Raven, Greater Geelong City Council

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Dear Martin,


Thank you for your contactus enquiry received on 26 June 2018 regarding
your request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 for access to
documents related to footpath construction in the City of Greater Geelong.


The following link provides access to our Freedom of Information web page
where you can complete an online application and the associated payment
process using a credit card.




kind regards,




Tony Raven  
Coordinator Governance
City of Greater Geelong

P:  03 5272 4042

M: 0428 343 026

E:  [2][email address] [4]cid:image001.png@01D307B8.37FA8C20

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Martin Morrison left an annotation ()

It seems that CoGG is unwilling to deal with FoI requests that are not submitted through their web form. If this were a Commonwealth agency I might remind them that they are obliged to process valid requests in writing, but I can't really play that card with a Victorian agency, because unless they provide bank details I have no way to pay the application fee and make this request valid.