Former Commissioner Kershaw and John Lawler

Steve Smith made this Freedom of Information request to NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services

The request was refused by NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

From: Steve Smith


Dear NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services,

I am requesting documents comprising correspondence between former Commissioner Kershaw and John Lawler for the year 2019.

These documents could include but are not limited to emails, sms messages and other messaging app messages.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Smith

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From: Information, Police

Attachment Application Form FOI.pdf
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Good morning Mr Smith,

We are in receipt of your below request for information which I understand you are making under the Information Act 2002.

In order for your request to be accepted it must meet the criteria as stipulated in section 18 of the Act which states:

18Application for access to government information
(1)A person may apply to a public sector organisation for access to government information held by the organisation, including the person's personal information.
(2)An application is to:
(a)be in writing; and
(b)specify the name of the applicant; and
(c)include sufficient details to identify the information; and
(d)specify an address to which correspondence regarding the application may be sent to the applicant.
(2A)The application is to be accompanied by the application fee.
(3)Before accepting an application, a public sector organisation must satisfy itself as to the identity of the applicant.

Please note that as you are requesting non-personal information which is classified as government information; application and processing fees apply.

I have attached a copy of our Freedom of Information application form to provide you with further relevant information and payment options.

Kind regards,

Jenni Anderson | Manager Information Access Team
Information Management Section | Operational Support Directorate | NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services
Peter McAulay Centre
814 McMillans Road Berrimah NT 0828
PO Box 39764 Winnellie NT 0821
p...(08) 8985 8926 | [email address] |

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