How many 3rd parties work with vulnerable persons and abuse them

idonthavealifeandwouldliketoendmyreminderofbeingabusedbycommittingsuicide made this Freedom of Information request to ACT Legal Aid Commission

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Waiting for an internal review by ACT Legal Aid Commission of their handling of this request.


Dear Legal Aid Commission - ACT,

Information request made under FOI -- Part A --

Please provide the approximate amount of respondents subjected to the following:


Part B -- And also;

1) You are to provide the legal basis in law for the endangerment of the respondents health, and;
1a) provide the legal basis in law for the endangerment of life.

2) this may be outside of the responsibilities of your organisation and if so then please provide place where notice can be sent to find the approximate count as deaths of specific genders subjected to a 3rd party under the protection of LA Legal Aid act to commit the act of endangering life while remaining concealed. Please provide suicide rate of respondents subjected to a theft of ID for the committal of a criminal act by a 3rd party.
Yours faithfully,

3) Provide how many 3rd parties are currently working with the vulnerable after they threatened a woman and were assisted in maintaining the ability to commit the same offence over and over again until the respondent has or threatens to take action and commit an act endangering the respondents own life.

4) Provide information on how many respondent to consistent requests by the threatening 3rd party brought before the court of law for proper trial in light of the CRIMINAL INTENT TO COMMIT THE THREATENING OF A WOMAN of which the 3rd party stood to gain money and other wealth whilst concealing this gain from the applicant and respondent.

5) Any legal document example of a 3rd party signing a contract illegally without witnessing by other signatures of the document with the intent to place the applicant in monetary and other hardship/s (example may be a lease agreement altered by the 3rd party without the consent of the applicant or knowledge).

6) The pay rate at which the advise to write 'THREATENED A WOMAN' was charged at to the tax payer

idonthavealifeandwouldliketoendmyreminderofbeingabusedbycommittingsuicide left an annotation ()

Please do not place your deluded ideas about the nic-name or anything else; Information requested is required as a matter of public interest and is vital to the prevention of any culture of fraud causing death and/or destruction to property as a result of the culture of abett criminal acts committed by 3rd parties that existed within the organisation of LA Legal Aid ACT (maybe not today - you could of cleaned up your corruption and purger - but hows yesterday, many suicides from the text of 3rd party that threatened a woman - and has a white card today after you gave protection to the criminal committing a fraud upon the respondent and that of the threatening of a woman). Please provide job data if possible upon the 3rd party (many work for Government - had contact with ministers)


Dear Legal Aid Commission - ACT,

Are you having issues with email considering for you to look it may be an act of attempting to receive illegal materials transmitted to you via email. No attachments were included but if they were please visit the web site to review the request online

Yours faithfully,

Concerned Citizen

Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

To the applicant:
(1) It is not necessary to explain on every request why you have chosen your user name. A user of Right to Know can choose any name she likes.
(2) If you make your request with a long user name like ouhootookiuauaraadoileemeeraosiuhiacailoameolaoauuvoeqoiqiinie then it is also sensible to keep this name on all your emails and not call yourself "Concerned Citizen" on another email from the same address.
(3) Your request is invalid under section 14(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 1989 of the Australian Capital Territory because it does not clearly identify the specific documents that you want. The request for a "legal basis", etc. asks for legal research or for information but not for a document. The request for death counts is also a request for information. A officer will not know exactly what document to look for and the document probably does not exist. The same is also the existence with questions 4 and 5. Question 6 has no meaning; it is not a request for a document and is also invalid.

There is also a failure by the Legal Aid Commission. Section 14(3) of the FOI Act of the ACT says that if a person makes an application that is not valide then "it is the duty of the agency to take reasonable steps to assist the person to make the request in a manner that complies with this section." The Commission did not do its duty.

idonthavealifeandwouldliketoendmyreminderofbeingabusedbycommittingsuicide left an annotation ()

Thankyou for the provision of extra information, my understanding of the law in regards to FOI is that the request can not be completed because of improper record keeping at the organisation whom I may add collects information on the service use (their counterparts in the Womens services division of legal aid may have the information in document form). Some of the information I have learned can also be entered in such a manner as to allow the use of computer record keeping and court processes to be abused. Other issue I located before submission was in regards to refusal pending 'any person' reasons. The request asked for the searching of documents to produce another with tallies - the media department of the womens la legal aid would never allow this request (it harms their interests in past or future issues but sadly enough they use the same FOI to produce information citing the amount and forms of abuse against women)

I missed the 'document' requirement - a FOD will be the revised submission lol. Considering the need for a 'document' to be requested then it would not be possible to file a request as the organisation would simply bound the information within a document that its self could be placed within another format like a book to prevent seeking information upon the document. In relation to documents because of the nature of request I would assume that to allow for discovery of information and documents a review would needed to be performed (which to my understanding has occurred - Stanhope being appointed to perform the last review some years ago).

I agree with the last point but sadly the organisation is well known for not providing assistance (they would not be funded to provide such assistance and I assume would use an escape clause in their funding to avoid any compliance with FOI)


Dear ACT Legal Aid Commission,

I see you updated your computer record keeping system to illegally prevent and block emailed FOI requests.

Technical details of permanent failure:
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