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John Lloyd and Peter Woolcott

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From: Jason Potts


Dear Australian Public Service Commission,

I refer the APSC to the following articles:





which, on one view, tend to suggest that far right wing political lobby group, the Institute of Public Affairs, is a pro-paedophile organisation that actively engages in the financing of child rapists.

I can’t see anything on the Institute of Public Affairs’ website that unequivocally indicates that the Institute of Public Affairs opposes acts of child rape. That being the case, and having regard to the Institute of Public Affairs’ policy manifesto more generally, it may be the case that the Institute of Public Affairs considers that acts of child rape are currently being practised inefficiently as a result of being overburdened by bureaucratic red and green tape and that the regulation of the marketplace for acts of child rape should be left to “invisible hand” of the free market (preferably so long as that “invisible hand” is attached to someone who is wealthy, caucasian and christian, but definitely not an environmentalist, public servant or trade unionist).

It is noteworthy that:
i) the Institute of Public Affairs is closely aligned with the Liberal Party; and
ii) the Institute of Public Affairs is the ideological and philosophical home of corrupt former Public Service Commissioner – John Lloyd.

I note that John Lloyd has returned to the IPA, as a director, after his corrupt stint as Australian Public Service Commissioner.

I’m also aware that like just like John Lloyd, Peter Woolcott was gifted the $700K pa sinecure of Public Service Commissioner by the Liberal Party not by way of any merit-based selection process, but largely as a result of his relationship with the Liberal Party.

Under the FOI Act, I seek access to email correspondence, falling between the period of 9 August 2018 to the date of this application, between Mr John Lloyd and his Liberal Party buddy and current Public Service Commissioner Peter Woolcott (including email documents sent by Mr Woolcott to Mr Lloyd and email documents sent by Mr Lloyd to Mr Woolcott).

Documents falling within the scope of my request can be quickly identified and retrieved by searching all items (including archived items) in Mr Woolcott’s APSC email account according to persons sent to, and received from.

There’s clearly a public interest in the content of communications between one former, corrupt, politically appointed Public Service Commissioner/director of a pederast lobby group with the current politically appointed Public Service Commissioner.

Yours faithfully,

J Potts

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From: FOI
Australian Public Service Commission

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Dear Mr Potts,


Please find attached correspondence in response to your freedom of
information request made on 23 August 2019.




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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Jason Potts please sign in and let everyone know.

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