Justification for minting of the 5cent coin

Albert Frankaland made this Freedom of Information request to Royal Australian Mint

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by Royal Australian Mint.

Dear Royal Australian Mint,

Under a FOI request, could you provide me with all documentation held since 2015 that justifies and explains the reasons for the continued minting of the Australian 5 cent coin, although it has for many years cost more to mint each coin than its face-value.

Yours faithfully,

Albert Frankaland

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Nicolle Keyes, Royal Australian Mint

Dear Mr Frankaland

I refer to your request dated 19 October 2021 made under the Freedom of Information Act 2014, which was received on the same day for records held by the Royal Australian mint.

Your request sought documents relating to documentation held since 2015 that justifies and explains the reasons for the continued minting of the five cent coin.

A final decision on your request would normally be sent to you within 4 weeks, where a week is defined as 5 working days excluding the weekend and public holidays. This means that you can expect a decision by no later than 18 November 2021.

I wish to advise you that details of all non-personal FOI requests, and associated documents released will be recorded on an FOI disclosure log which will be published on the Royal Australian Mint’s website in due course.

There are some limited situations under the FOI Act, where a final decision may take longer than 4 weeks. If this occurs in the case of your request, we will advise you promptly in writing setting out the reason and the new decision date.

Section 27 of the Act, provides for the charging of fees in relation to costs associated with search, retrieval and copying of records. You will be advised shortly if any such fee applies in this case.

I will be in touch with you soon.

Nicolle Keyes

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Nicolle Keyes, Royal Australian Mint

1 Attachment

Dear Mr Frankaland,

Please find attached a notice of transfer relating to your freedom of information request outlined below.

Kind regards,


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Dear Nicolle,

Thanks for the update

Yours sincerely,

Albert Frankaland

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Dear Mr Frankaland

Please find the attached decision in relation to your Freedom of Information request to the Department of the Treasury (FOI 3027).

Kind regards

Freedom of Information Officer
The Treasury
Ph: +61 6263 2800
E: [email address]

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