Ken Lay report on second medically supervised injection centre

The request was successful.

Dear Victorian Department of Health,

I am seeking a copy of Ken Lay’s report on a the need for a second medically supervised injecting centre in Victoria.

Yours faithfully,

Will Tregoning

FOI Health (HEALTH), Victorian Department of Health

Dear Mr Tregoning,

I refer to your application under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the
Act) requesting access to:

“I am seeking a copy of Ken Lay’s report on a the need for a second
medically supervised injecting centre in Victoria.”

Your application was received on 8 March 2024.

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‘If you request the application fee to be waived or reduced, you should
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Please note your request cannot proceed until the application fee or
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I would appreciate it if you would respond by 8 April2024, otherwise I
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[2][Victorian Department of Health request email].

Kind regards,


Authorised Officer | Freedom of Information unit 
Legal, Privacy and Integrity 
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