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John Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Administrative Appeals Tribunal

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From: John Smith


Dear Administrative Appeals Tribunal,

I request the following documents:

1. The five most recent contracts (as at the date of this email) between the AAT, and the labour hire provider 'Launch Recruitment'.

2. A copy of the AAT's policy & procedures regarding the use of labour hire firms. Please narrow this request to only include documents that meet this description that are, or have been available on the AAT's intranet, for use by the AAT's managerial staff when procuring labour hire services.

3. The total number of labour hire staff presently working at the AAT. (Or a document, if it exists, that would detail that fact)

4. The names of the labour hire firms presently offering labour hire services to the AAT. (Or a document, if it exists, that would detail that fact)

5. The amount spent by the AAT in the first quarter of 2020 on labour hire services. This is a distinct figure from the amount spent on contractors generally, a figure available in the annual reports. What I am interested in is the amount spent by the AAT on labour hire contractors that are fulfilling roles functionally identical to ordinary APS staff. (This would exclude, for example; an amount spent on a contractor electricians, or contractor management consultant etc).
If this figure cannot be found in an existing document, please exclude it from the FOI request.

6. Any emails or instant message chat records within the inbox of either Chris Sutton or Sera Clemens that discuss the story:
Please include only emails or skype records from the dates 9th & 10th of April inclusive. Please include deleted or achived emails for these two dates.


The purpose of this FOI request is to determine the nature of labour hire arrangements within the AAT. Although the amount the AAT spends on labour hire arrangements is included within the annual reports as a line item, the annual reports contain no details of these arrangements.

These FOI requests will clarify:
(a) The working conditions that employees of 3rd parties are faced with, when working within the walls of the department. By direct access to the contracts, we will be able to compare these working conditions to that of the publicly available EBA & award.
(b) The internal policies & procedures of the department in how it carries out its labour hire arrangements. These are not available publicly, or in the annual report.
(c) The degree to which the AAT engages in labour hire practices.
(d) The internal responses (if they exist) of senior management to recent public criticism of labour hire practices within the department

This request is firmly within the public interest, as there is reason to believe that the use of labour hire arrangements by Commonwealth agencies is outlawed by the public service act. This FOI request will help clarify whether the AAT has been in breach of the act, or even whether the labour hire contracts at the AAT are in breach of the award.

I ask that, given the recent public interest in the use of labour hire arrangements by Commonwealth departments, that the ordinarily applicable FOI fees be waived in this instance.

Yours faithfully,
John Smith

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From: John Smith


Dear Administrative Appeals Tribunal,

Please amend the fourt part of the request to read 'presently supplying' rather than 'presently offering'

I apologise for the typo.

Yours faithfully,

John Smith

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From: FOI
Administrative Appeals Tribunal

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Dear Mr Smith,


Please find attached a letter acknowledging your FOI request lodged with
the Tribunal on 19 May 2020.


Kind regards,


Skye M

Policy Officer


Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Principal Registry, Sydney

Legal & Policy

E: [1][AAT request email]




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