Legal aide how come persons that own property can claim civil matters

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Dear Attorney-General,

Our neighbours Antonio and Helen Belcastro have been funded by CLC in Shepparton against a IVO extension placed by my husband and I. Even though we could dispute every claim they made with documentation, after spending $20,000.00 we opted to settle at an IVO against all parties (didn't bother us as we were never ever going to get any where near them). I need to know why CLC were funded to support legal representation. These people own a double story home, 50acres of land, 2 tractors, 2 motor vehicles and a water right. I'm asking why are these people entitled to my tax paying money??

Yours faithfully,

Lisa Fazzo


FOI Requests, Attorney-General

Dear Ms Fazzolari

Thank you for your email to the Attorney-General’s Department Freedom of Information (FOI) section.

Your correspondence relates to questions and documents that relate to matters that have occurred in Victoria and may be in possession of the Victorian Government . You have requested this information under the Commonwealth Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). This department may not be best placed to provide you with information about yourself or other individuals in relation to your correspondence . You may consider seeking this information under the Victorian Freedom of Information Act (1992) from the Victorian Government.

To assist you, I have provided you with the link to the Vic Government FOI page.

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