NDIA Risk Assessment: Independent Assessment (IA) Pilot and IA Process

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Dear National Disability Insurance Agency,

Please provide a copy of the NDIA’s Risk Assessment for the Independent Assessment (IA) Pilot and ongoing business process. That is, the project, process, activity and impact risk assessment specific to IA and the specific terms of reference, policies and technical tools used to assess all aspects of ‘risk’. These elements of risk and ‘duty of care’ appear unresolved as of late, as discussed during Senate Committee on 4 Jun 21 [4]


It has been reported there are ‘ongoing risks’ [1] associated with the NDIA’s Independent Assessments [2] introducing change, which seems to contain known and unknown variance, risk, harm and uncertainty [3]. Noting the NDIA’s risk management obligations [5] and the Department of Finance’s policy on risk management [6], the management of this ‘emerging risk’ [7] would seem to require specific project management oversight [8], including the assessment of risk [9]. Notwithstanding the standard PGPA risk and fraud obligations [10], as reinforced in The Australian Public Service Commissioner’s [11] legislative instrument.

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours faithfully,



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