NDIS - Mass Email Breach (Exposure) : using government ID for social media/logins

The request was refused by National Disability Insurance Agency.

Dear National Disability Insurance Agency,

It has been reported that "More than 100,000 suspected government logins found in massive breach" https://www.afr.com/technology/more-than...

Further stating that :“This is the tip of the iceberg from what appears to be a massive data breach of government credentials, Australia-wide, by a third party." Lastly, noting that "usernames and passwords had been collected from people who had used government logins to access websites around the internet. For example, hackers may have stolen the credentials of an Australian government employee who used their departmental email to log in to another service like Netflix or Twitter. That means thousands of the usernames and passwords found in the database appear to be government email addresses"

So, my questions are:

1. Has the NDIA, staff, contractors or anyone with an NDIS/NDIA government ID been impacted, breached or list on this leak?
2. Is it against Commonwealth Government and NDIA policy and procedure to use government email ID or profiles for personal, social and non-government sign up, subscriptions or use?
3. Has anyone at the NDIA/NDIS every used government emails to sign up to or access social media services or channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite, etc? If so, how many, since 2013?
4. Approximately, now many NDIA/NDIS email ID are used to sign into or access third-party systems, software or services? e.g. Salesforce, Atlassian, Microsoft, etc

Yours faithfully,


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Josh left an annotation ()

Understood, the NDIA holds no information, reports or analysis on the mass email breach and associated, potentially affected systems, files or data.

Dear NDIA FOI officer

I would be grateful if you would assist with my application, in compliance with s15(3) of the FOI Act.
If you are not able or willing to assist, would you please identify the grounds on which you have rejected my application.

My understanding of the objects of the Act are that you are obliged to facilitate access to information, pursuant to s3 of the Act. I welcome your assistance to achieve this, through identification of the material (document, notes, charts) that contains this information.



Josh left an annotation ()

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), which is responsible for the NDIS, told a Senate committee it had confirmed with CTARS that all 9,800 affected participants had been notified.

But ABC Investigations has established this is not the case. The ABC spoke with 20 victims of the breach, all but one — who later found a notice in her junk mail — said they had not received a notification or even heard of the hack.