need a time of a Police operation

Tania Chant made this Government Information (Public Access) request to NSW Police Force

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The request was refused by NSW Police Force.

Dear NSW Police Force,

I would like the start and finish times of a Police operation that was on the 02/08/2018 at Mcevoy Ave Umina Beach 2257

Yours faithfully,
Tania Chant

#GIPAAPP, NSW Police Force

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Hello Tania,

In order to make a request for NSW Police Force information, an applicant
is required to submit a completed 'Formal Access' application under the
Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

Please find attached the ‘Formal Access’ application form for completion.
 You should follow all instructions on the form, include as much
information and guidance as possible about the information you require and
sign the form before submitting it.

When seeking access to personal information, an applicant must provide a
copy of their proof of identity.
Acceptable forms of proof of identity include any one of the following: -
an Australian Driver’s Licence including a photograph, signature and
current address;  a current Australian passport or other proof of
signature and current address details (such as a Government issued
identity card or Government issued proof of age card).

Each ‘Formal Access’ application submitted, must be accompanied by an
application fee of $30.00. This fee can be paid by credit card, cheque or
money order.  Cheques and money orders should be made payable to ‘NSW

If your application form is submitted via email, we can only accept a
credit card authority form. Alternatively, if you submit your application
through the post, all payment methods can be accepted.

If you are applying for someone else's information, please be aware that
it is unlikely to be released to you unless you have obtained a dated and
signed authority, authorising specifically the release of that particular

The NSW Police Force has up to twenty (20) working days under the Act
(subject to any extension allowed for under the Act) to deal with an
application.  If any extension of time is required to deal with an
application, we will let the applicant know in writing.

Please e-mail the completed forms (formal access application and credit
card authority form) to the NSW Police Force - InfoLink at:
 [NSW Police Force request email].

Alternatively, you can post the forms and your payment to the postal
address listed on the application form.

Kind regards,

From:        Tania Chant <[FOI #4899 email]>
To:        GIPA requests at NSW Police Force <[NSW Police Force request email]>
Date:        13/10/2018 22:43
Subject:        Government Information (Public Access) request - need a
time of a Police operation


Dear NSW Police Force,

I would like the start and finish times of a Police operation that was on
the 02/08/2018 at Mcevoy Ave Umina Beach 2257

Yours faithfully,
Tania Chant


Please use this email address for all replies to this request:
[FOI #4899 email]

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(Public Access) requests to NSW Police Force? If so, please contact us
using this form:

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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

Note 1: Mostly I classify a response like this one to say "clarification requested" because the agency has told the applicant that some more information (or money!) is needed before the request will be processed. With this request, I have put the response in the category of "refused" because it is some time since the agency responded and the applicant does not appear to have made a follow-up. It is possible that a follow-up has been made by the ordinary post or by private email but Right to Know has not heard anything about this. Even if the applicant did not follow-up agency questions, it does not mean that the agency will refuse the request when an application is made in the correct (required) manner.

Note 2: Although an application under the Freedom of Information Act 1983 of the Commonwealth of Australia does not require an application fee, this is not the case with applications in the states and territories of Australia. Then an applicant must usually pay a fee, or the request is not valid. Also, the Commonwealth agencies might demand payment of a fee to cover extra processing costs. If the fee is not paid, the request will not be processed.