Number of link-deletion notices issued

G King made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Communications and Media Authority

The request was successful.

From: G King


Dear Australian Communications and Media Authority,

I hereby request a count/tally of "link-deletion" notices issued by the ACMA from 2007 through to present. Please provide separate figures for interim versus final notices.

To be clear, I am not requesting access to details of the offensive content, rather numbers around the frequency of notices issued.

Yours faithfully,

G King

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From: Freedom of Information
Australian Communications and Media Authority

Dear Sir/Madam

The Australian Communications and Media Authority publishes information concerning final link-deletion notices and interim link-deletion notices in its Annual Report. This information has been published in the Annual Report since 2007.

The ACMA's Annual Reports can be located online here:

The number of link-deletion notices reported for each year is as follows:

2011-12 (see p. 103) - 0
2010-11 (see p. 112) - 3
2009-10 (see p. 106) - 0
2008-09 (see p. 77) - 2
2007-08 (see p. 48) - 3

Kind regards

ACMA FOI Co-ordinator.

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G King left an annotation ()

Speedy reply and the linked content is more comprehensive then I expected. Good job ACMA!

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