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From: Nelson Tucker


Dear Department of Education and Communities NSW,

My Name is Nelson,
There are over 82 million live chat rooms online in todays society where 82% of sexual grooming accrues. With only at least 1 in 3 people will report sexual crimes to a trusted adult, I am requesting if there is any subjects/programmes in the schooling curriculums in late primary school (Grade 5-6) and early secondary schooling (years 7-8) in regards to this issue to get children more aware to online Predators?

Yours faithfully,

Nelson Tucker

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From: West, Renee
NSW Department of Education

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Dear Nelson


Thank you for your email regarding online predators and student learning
regarding online safety.


In New South Wales schools, students from Kindergarten to Year 10 learn
about sexual safety, online safety, abuse, social media and protective
behaviours in an age appropriate way through the mandatory Personal
Development, Health and Physical Education key learning area. Senior
students extend this learning through the mandatory Crossroads course.


A Digital Citizenship resource comprising of a suite of curriculum
resources, videos and games has been used by teachers to engage students
in primary and secondary school.
[1]  Through this resource,
students learn about: staying safe and healthy while using digital
technologies, appropriate and inappropriate online behaviour and being a
positive contributor in an online world. Information for parents is also
available through this resource.


Through mandatory Child Protection Education in Kindergarten to Year 10,
students learn about abuse, power, personal safety, how to protect
themselves online and offline and how to ask for help. The Child
Protection Education: Curriculum materials to support teaching and
learning in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education assist
teachers to integrate teaching and learning about abuse, violence and
protective behaviours to students in Kindergarten to Year 10. These
materials assist students to develop skills in recognising and responding
to unsafe situations, seeking assistance effectively and strengthening
attitudes and values related to equality, respect and responsibility.


The Department of Education provides high quality professional learning
and resources through the [2]Teaching Sexual Health website to support
teachers in the areas of sexuality, sexual health, online safety and
building the skills of students to seek help and make positive decisions
in relation to health safety and wellbeing. Resources include teaching and
learning programs to address sexual violence and risk, recognising and
responding to abuse and violence, including sexting.


I trust this information answers your question. If you would like more
information, please feel free to contact me directly.




Renee West

PDHPE Advisor 7-12

Learning and Teaching - Secondary Education

Level 3, 1 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Locked Bag 53, Darlinghurst NSW 1300
E: [3][email address]

T: 02 9244 5841

W: [4]Curriculum Support 7-10 PDHPE


[5]DoE_Public Schools_Logo_K_RGB








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