Dear WA Department of Transport,

I would like to request Information. Providing that my motor bike had number plates in Western Australia 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. As well as information of when the number plates where handed back to the DNV in 2018.

Make: KAWASAKI Year: 2012
VIN: JKAEXEF20CDA02106 Body type: Motor Cycle
Engin No: ER650AEAB1844

Yours faithfully,

Dino Jardim, WA Department of Transport

Dear Dino Jardim,


Thank you for your enquiry.


Records show the motorcycle vin number you have provided has not been
registered in your name.


Due to privacy reasons, Driver and Vehicle Services are not permitted to
release client information when requested by a third party.


The record holder will be required to make the request for information
providing their full name, address, licence number and date of birth.


To enable us to access your record if further assistance is required
please provide the following information:

* Your date of birth
* Your Western Australian residential address

* Your driver’s licence number

* Relevant vehicle licence plate number/vin number

The DoTDirect online tool is available to help you to manage your personal
details, access your vehicle and driver’s licence information, update your
billing preference and pay your DoT bills online.  To register, go to
[1]DoTDirect and follow the prompts.


If you require further information, reply to this email, visit our website
at [2] or call us on 13 11 56 or +61 8
9320 4656 if you are calling from outside Australia.


Kind regards,



Department of Transport

GPO Box R1290, Perth WA 6844

Phone: 131156 | (08) 9320 4656

Email: [3][email address] |
Web:[4] [5]


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