Provide the information Queensland Health holds or has access to.

Currently waiting for a response from Queensland Health, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Scott, of the family Chapman

Department of Health
33 Charlotte Street
Brisbane Queensland

12 Jan 2021

Dear Queensland Health,

On 7 January 2021 you published information to the world at large, which stated amongst other things that,

1. "Genome sequencing has confirmed the Queensland case of COVID-19 has the UK variant."

2. "we know for sure this person has the UK variant of the virus" [statement by Queensland’s Chief Health Officer]

3. "Evidence shows that this variant is 70 percent more infectious than other strains." [statement by Queensland’s Chief Health Officer]

4. "come forward for testing immediately and isolate until they receive the results"


Please provide the information (which is of the nature of a public interest matter) which,
a) defines the specific "Genome sequencing" of the "UK variant of the virus".

b) defines the specific "Genome sequencing" of the none UK variant.

c) provides the "Evidence" that this variant is "70 percent more infectious" than other strains."

d) provides that a person's' positive' COVID-19 test result means the virus is in an "infectious" stage.

e) if in the unlikely event you do not answer point d) above, then provide the specific details of the test that is undertaken which provides that an individual is deemed as "infectious".

f) provides evidence that an asymptomatic person can and has transmitted COVID-19 to another person and that person tested positive and there were no other external factors involved.

g) provides the number of COVID-19 deaths in Queensland for 2019, please provide none aged-care related deaths separately. Do not include deaths that had other potential external factors.

h) provides the number of flu deaths in Queensland for 2019, please provide none aged-care related deaths separately. Do not include deaths that had other potential external factors.

Yours faithfully,
Scott: Chapman

RTI-Privacy, Queensland Health

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Thank you for your enquiry

You will need to complete and submit a Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application form (attached) and send to [email address] and a mandatory application fee:

You should provide as much information as you can in order to assist with searches for the requested records. You will also be required to provide original certified true copies of your evidence of identity (eg. Passport/driver's license/birth certificate) to [email address]

You may choose to complete the RTI application online, here:

Also, the Department of Health only has jurisdiction over public hospitals. Should the records be held by a private hospital, GP or private specialist, you will need to contact them directly. If you have any queries regarding the private system you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s office on 1300 363 992 or go to their website:

Many Thanks,


On behalf of

Privacy & RTI
Risk, Assurance and Information Management Branch | Privacy and Right to Information | Queensland Health
Working hours Monday to Friday

07 3082 0546

[email address]


PO Box 48, Brisbane QLD 4001

In order to process your application, your identity and details of what you are seeking will be provided to relevant areas with Queensland Health. If you do not wish for this to occur, you should contact us immediately.

Queensland Health acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, and pays respect to Elders past, present and future.

Our team has been implementing business continuity processes and increasingly officers will be working remotely. Accordingly, we suggest that you contact us via email. There is likely to be no access to the unit phone, nor the mailbag.
It should also be noted that as a Queensland Health employee we may be diverted from our usual duties to assist with emerging tasks, this may impact the timeliness of our responses, but we will endeavour to advise you of any delays with the appropriate extension provisions allowed by legislation.
During this unprecedented period, we do ask for your patience and ask that you continue to treat our employees respectfully.

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Scott, of the family Chapman

Department of Health
33 Charlotte Street
Brisbane Queensland

12 Jan 2021

Dear Kaurice

Thank you for your correspondence 12 January 2021, in response to a valid request for information issued in writing to the agency known as Queensland Health. I inform you that do not work for Queensland Health or any associated government entity. Relevantly, I am not aware that I have any obligations to Queensland Health and thus removing any presumptions you may have with respect to my status.

I note that my original valid information request (12 January 2021) relates specifically to your function of government. Therefore, I request that a waiver of all fees/charges is applied, as it is deemed necessary for such waivers to apply to all information that is a public interest matter. Relevantly, you are to acknowledge that this request relates specifically to the published advice (made available to the public) you have currently issued/advertised.

For clarity, I do not require any disclosure of personal privacy (such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc). I do not require any plans (building, planning), drawings, photographs, etc. Queensland Health to redact information (in part) as they feel their policy necessitates prior to presenting the required material requested. For ease, it will be acceptable for you to provide the information I requested in electronic form, should you choose.

To be clear, Queensland Health to state in writing if a waiver will not be applied to my valid written request issued 12 January 2021, otherwise, it will be presumed Queensland Health has waived any/all associated requested fees/charges and they will provide the specific information as I requested/require. Furthermore, I must insist that any/all of your responses are written in plain Standard English which must be clear, concise, and do not contain any ambiguity.
I look forward to receiving the information as I requested on 12 January 2021. Please make it known if you do not agree or understand with any of the above.

Many Thanks

PS, If you are requesting my services in the form of my energy, time, labour, etc. then I advise you that in my private capacity, my time is precious to me and I will need to charge you a modest fee for my time and labour incurred. Therefore I request that you please make it known if you are requesting me to fill out your paperwork for you and how you intend to reimburse me for my services, upon which a schedule of fees will be forwarded to you for your consideration. If you do not make any written request, then it would not be unreasonable to assume that any claimed paperwork is not required for requesting public interest information from the agency known as Queensland Health.