Dear Australian Securities and Investments Commission,

I would like to wish all men and women at Australian Securities and Investments Commission a very Happy Easter.

I request records held by ASIC that establish and continue to conduct business of PECKER MAROO PTY LTD
ABN 93 000 576 492 including but not limited to the things, matters, individuals conducting business and contracts on behalf of the following organisations,
Pecker Maroo Pty Limited
2000-06-25 -2000-08-09
Business Names

King Of Australia
2020-07-07 - current
Queen Of Australia
2020-07-06 -current
Australian Labour Party
2020-07-04 -current
Births Deaths & Marriages Office
2020-07-04 - current
Check Mate Empire
2020-07-04 - current
Liberal Party Of Australia
2020-07-04 - current
Registrar General
2020-07-04 - current
Registrar General Nsw
2020-07-04 - current
The Australian Labor Party
2020-07-04 - current
Treasuries Office
2020-07-04 - current
The Liberal Party Of Australia
2020-07-04 - current
Australian Labor Party
2020-07-04 - current
Nsw Office Of Fines And Penalties
2020-07-03 - current
The Registrar Generals Office

It is noted that some details of PECKER MAROO PTY LTD are suppressed.

Should the request be refused, in part or in full, for any reason, please provide evidence, the men women and children of Australia relinquished our unalienable rights, consented to give Jurisdiction over the men women and children.

Yours faithfully,

Dean Miles

FOIrequest, Australian Securities and Investments Commission

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Dear Mr Miles,

Your FOI request to ASIC reference FOI 084-2022

I refer to your request to the Australian Securities and Investments
Commission (ASIC) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act)
dated 17 April 2022.

I am writing to advise you that your FOI request has been transferred to
the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) under s 16(1)(b) of the FOI Act.
Section 16(1)(b) enables an agency to transfer a request if the subject
matter of the request is more closely connected with the functions of
another agency.

Reasons for transfer

As part of the Government's Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program,
ASIC's business registers are transitioning to Australian Business
Registry Services to be administered by the ATO. The Registrar’s role is
to lead and implement the MBR program and perform statutory registry
functions and exercise powers under the relevant laws. Initially, this
will also include assisting ASIC to perform statutory registry functions
and exercise its powers as a delegate of ASIC. Visit [1] for
more information.

Timing of decision

Pursuant to section 15(5)(b) of the FOI Act, an application must be
processed within 30 days. The 30 day statutory period for processing your
request commenced on the day after ASIC received your request. The ATO
will treat your request as though it received it the same day that ASIC

Please note that certain exceptions apply which may extend the processing
period beyond 30 days; for example, where it becomes necessary to consult
with affected third parties in respect to the disclosure of documents
caught by the terms of the request. Section 15(6)(a) of the FOI Act
extends this period by a further 30 days, to undertake this consultation
process and enable the affected parties to make their submission.

Should you have any questions about your FOI request, you may contact the
ATO by email at [2][email address].



Haydar Tuncer

Senior Lawyer - Freedom of Information, Chief Legal Office

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Level 7, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000

Tel: +61  3 9280 4416

[3][email address]

[4]ASIC logo


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Dear FOIrequest,

Thank you for speedy response on the FOI & RTN, the ATO I hadn't even thought about, thank you for assisting the matter.

Hopefully the ATO's Jurisdiction, as an "OFFICE" not a Govt Department, in its 2017 FOI response stated it is actually a Foreign ENTITY 😏 Registered on the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Even more astonishing was information fact Checked by the Learned Judge 🤗 High Court of Australia - Brisbane 2000, involving the ATO also,
His Honour FACT CHECKED 🤗 to date, the last 22 yrs of 4/5 X Qld Govts, 4 X Qld Premiers -
1 promoted head of Aust Banking Association 🤣
Paul de Jersey AC
Ms Penelope Anne Wensley AC
Ms Quentin Alice Louise Bryce AC
Major General Peter Maurice Arnison AC CVO
4 X Qld Governors certainly have not have acted in good faith, clean hands, honestly when in office.

Hot Tip 🤫🤫🤫 HCA - Bris M v C - Special Council Mr L explains to His Honour of a certain, very very powerful and critical function of a Constitutional Instrument, HIS HONOUR, threw them all under the bus, on the public record of a Lion and Unicorn, UK double decker UK bus 😉

Having served the nation in R.A.N 1990's, I remain bound by Secrecy Act under I die or blab and get 25 years prosecuted in Military Tribunal for Treason 🙄 like everyone else.

😉 Reintroducing the DEATH PENALTY, ( very very strongly supported by a major Law Society it was repealed) for Treason 👍 great idea.

10 more years, Qld being decieved, by a self promoted Olympics Boss 2032 who doesn't possess an honest bone in its body🤭 let alone any empathy. Batsoup was MAN MADE fake news, used on its own people, and LOCKED Brisbane OUT, it's of own ANZAC sacred sites, to honour our fallen veterans, from the last 150 yrs involvement of our Imperial Forces. Blocked the access to public places, except to 150 of their closest minions, standing in dishonour, media minions in tow, whilst PURPORTING to represent, highest Crown offices in Qld at Shrine of Remembrance, Eternal Flame.

Minimum 22 yrs of acts of TREASON, will remain a stain on, on the gallantry & honour, of those now resting at peace of brave, as we remember them in 6 days time, 25 April 2022 ANZAC Day that will last a century, in my opinion.

Personally, I can't wait, for the other 97% to realise, under Imperial Crown, the 👉Constitution 1867!👈 every British Subject, are Sovereign.

Queen Victoria 😉 character in Alice in Wonderland, we all remember 🤗
"Off with their Heads" reflects centuries of tension between QUEEN OF AUSTRALIA & Roman Catholic Church, Holy See. #HeinerAffair #Shreddergate

Thank you again have a great day
We will remember them ANZAC Day

Yours sincerely,

Dean Miles
Personal opinions of the writer

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Dear FOI Applicant,
Please see attachment.
Yours faithfully,
FOI Team

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