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Peter O'Donnell

Dear Shoalhaven City Council,

Re: Council Reference: 9623E (D17/398773)
My Reference: MERIT497491

In response to a complaint from a neighbour about the noise our air conditioner was making Council conducted some tests at the neighbour's house on 20th October 2017. I was initially told that our air conditioner was compliant and not causing undue noise. Apparently the neighbour challenged the findings and consequently I was then told that the noise levels produced by our air conditioner were in breech of the noise pollution guidelines.

In two letters to Ms Thelma Marr, Senior Environmental Officer with Council, (12th December 2017 and 18th January 2018) I have requested to be supplied with copies of all documents pertaining to this testing. To date we have had no response to the request in the letters.

Consequently, I now wish to make a formal application for access to the materials in relation to this testing.

Yours faithfully,

Peter O'Donnell
46 Barden Close
Callala Bay 2540

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Diana Lord, Shoalhaven City Council

Hello Mr O'Donnell

I refer to your below request for information and advise you I have emailed the Senior Environmental Officer, Thelma Marr and requested this information on your behalf. Unfortunately, she is away until next Monday so I will follow-up with her on Tuesday. I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday weekly.

Apologies that it has taken time for this information to be released to you. If you have any further queries you can contact me on 4429 3530 or this email address.

Kind regards


Diana Lord
Information Officer Governance
Shoalhaven City Council
02 4429 3530
Bridge Rd (PO Box 42) Nowra NSW 2541
[email address]

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Diana Lord, Shoalhaven City Council

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    D18 56254 MERIT497491 46 Barden Close Callala Bay Revised and corrected sound level measurement.pdf

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    D17 347336 Noise Assessment Log Sheet 30 Carson Crescent Callala Bay 20 10 2017.pdf

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Hello Peter


I refer to your below request for information relating to the noise
complaint for your air-conditioner in October 2017. I have been in contact
with Thelma Maher who has provided the below information. I have also
attached copies of the original sound level testing and the subsequent
sound level testing. Thelma’s email below should explain what the issue
was with the first sound test.


If you require any further information, please let me know. I am at
Council Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday weekly.


Kind regards




Diana Lord
Information officer Governance
Shoalhaven City Council

02 4429 3530

Bridge Rd (PO Box 42) Nowra NSW 2541
[1][email address]






From: Thelma Marr
Sent: Monday, 19 February 2018 4:33 PM
To: Diana Lord <[email address]>
Subject: RE: Government Information (Public Access) request - Request for
copy of a noise pollution assessment


Hi Di,


Here are the documents as per the information request:


1.    D17/347336 – this was the original sound level meter measurements
that were taken – the method used was correct – however the method to
calculate the final average noise levels was incorrect. 

2.    D17/398773- a letter was sent to the owner of the air conditioner
(Mr O’Connell) stating that the measurements were incorrect.  This was in
response to the complainant requesting a review of the method of

3.    D18/56254 – recalculation documents utilising the same data but the
correct method of calculation.  This manual method was utilised due to the
noise meter programme being incompatible with Council’s upgraded systems –
this has now been rectified.

I am aware that the owner has conducted works to the air conditioner to
rectify the issue – Env Services would be happy to go out and conduct
another noise assessment if required. As we have not heard from the
complainant the assumption is that the issue has been resolved with the
work conducted on the unit.  


Please let me know if there is anything else.


Thanks for your patience,



Thelma Marr
Senior Environmental Health Officer

Shoalhaven City Council


02 4429 3445  |  0434 317 561

[4][email address]




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