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Hollie H made this Freedom of Information request to WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The authority would like to / has responded by postal mail to this request.

Dear WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services,

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1992, I am writing to request documents held at the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in relation to the providing of advice sought by the Emergency Services Minister, as mentioned in the Emergency Management Act 2005 section 56 subsection 2a, which show the current State of Emergency is demonstrably justifiable.

As this is of great interest to the people of Western Australia, I request for the fee for gathering these documents be waived.

Yours faithfully,

Hollie H

CHRISTIE Rosemary, WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services

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Good afternoon Hollie


Thank you for your request regarding information sought under the Freedom
of Information (FOI) Act 1992. The information that you seek under FOI
legislation is classified “non-personal” information and, in accordance
with section 12(e) of the FOI Act 1992, an application fee must accompany
the application before the application can be considered valid.


The application fee is $30.00 and there may be a subsequent charge
associated with the processing of the application as prescribed in the FIO
Act Section 16 and associated Regulations.  Payment by cheques need to be
made payable to Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).


I’ve attached a copy of DFES’s FOI Application form which outlines the FOI
process and payment options.


For further information about the Freedom of Information process please
visit our website:



If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact either
myself or the FOI Coordinator:

Lisa Valentine,

[2][email address]

(08) 9395 9381



Kind regards,


Rosemary Christie

Freedom of Information Officer

Information Resources

Department of Fire and Emergency Services l 20 Stockton Bend, Cockburn
Central WA 6164

P: 9395 9480 l F: 9395 9384 l E: [3][DFES request email]






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