'Status of the types of products and companies introduced, and being introduced into Australia that have been tested on animals'

Briannah made this Right to Information request to Queensland Animal Welfare Advisory Board

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Queensland Animal Welfare Advisory Board did not have the information requested.

Dear Queensland Animal Welfare Advisory Board,

Could you please send me through a list of:
1. Products that are imported into Australia that have been tested on animals
2. Names of Australian companies that test on animals

Please treat this as an administrative/informal request.

Yours faithfully,


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Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Centre.

In response to your enquiry the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland does not have information on importation of animal tested products or on companies that test their products on animals. This sort of information especially regarding import and export, and companies in Australia is handle by Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, link below.


Any future Right to Information requests need to come through via the correct application form.


If you wish to follow up on this enquiry please quote reference number: 1424376

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Dear BIC Email,

Thank you for letting me know.

Yours sincerely,