Stepehen Lee Affidavit dated 17th August 2012

Grant Skinner made this Freedom of Information request to Victorian Government Solicitor

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Victorian Government Solicitor did not have the information requested.

Dear Victorian Government Solicitor,

Under Freedom of Information I need Stephen Lee to disclose to me the source of his statement that he made in his affidavit filed in the Supreme Court of Victoria dated the 17th August 2012.

Stephen Lee stated in his affidavit dated the 17th August 2012 that Mr Skinner purchased from B.S Stillwell Motor Company PTY LTD trading as Knox Ford a 1999 Ford Falcon Cab Chassis which had been modified by Knox Ford to incorporate a refrigeration unit on the chassis.

Stephen Lee of the Government Solicitors office has stated that the vehicle was modified as fact.

I need Stephen Lee to produce the documents that he has in his possession to verify that the 1999 Ford Falcon Cab Chassis was modified by Knox Ford as stated in his Supreme Court affidavit.

Yours faithfully,

Grant Skinner

Victorian Government Solicitor

I am out of the office until 15/01/2016.
If you need to get in touch with me, please call me on 0411 221 902 or
email me - I will be checking regularly - at
[email address]. My assistant (Sofia Palmarini tel: 8684
0201; [email address]) is on leave until 12 January 2016
but can be contacted from then. Or from 4 January 2016 you can contact
Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor, Alison O'Brien, on 8684 0416 or
at Alison.O'[email address].


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Dear Mr Skinner

We attach letter from our office in relation to the above requests for
your attention.

Kind regards,  

Sonja Bermes | Senior Legal Assistant, Government & Public Law

Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office
T: 03 8684 0464 F: 03 8684 0449 E: [email address]
Level 25, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 DX300077

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