Phillip Sweeney

Dear Australian Federal Police,

In 2016 information was provided to the Australian Federal Police about a "Serous Financial Crime".

Julie Drummond was the AFP representative on the 'Serious Financial Crime Taskforce' at the time.

Since 2016 further evidence has come to hand that might confirm that Julie Drummond failed to exhibit the professionalism expected of a senior member of the Australian Federal Police.

The document I am seeking is a copy of a letter dated 22 August 2016 { AFP Ref: PROMIS 5981669) from Julie Drummond to Phillip Sweeney.

Yours faithfully,

Phillip Sweeney

FOI, Australian Federal Police

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Dear Mr Sweeney,




I refer to your application dated 10 August 2020 in which you seek access
to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the Act) as


Phillip Sweeney

Requesting letter dated 22 August 2016 (AFP ref:  PROMIS 5981669) from
Julie Drummond to Phillip Sweeney.




Your request was received by this agency on 10 August 2020 and the 30 day
statutory period for processing your request commenced from that date. The
due date for your request is 9 September 2020.


As the AFP focuses its efforts on managing the impact of COVID-19 on its
critical, our ability to process requests for information under the
Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) may be affected or not delivered
within expected timeframes. We apologise for the inconvenience and
appreciate your patience during this period. Should this occur we will
contact you as soon as practicable, and seek to extend processing
timeframes in accordance with the FOI Act.


Information considered irrelevant to the scope of your request


The AFP, in its management of FOI requests, excludes the following
information on the basis that is irrelevant to the scope of a request:


-      Names of AFP members, other than the Senior Executive.

-      Direct telephone numbers, signatures and mobile telephone numbers
of AFP members.

-      Duplicate documents, including duplicate emails.  The AFP will only
provide emails where they form a final email chain and the
authors/recipients are contained within the final email. 

-      Information that is publicly available, for example, newspaper
articles, online publications including information available on the AFP
Information Publication Scheme and the AFP disclosure log.


If you object to the AFP excluding any of the above information, please
advise this office within seven days of receipt of this email.


Disclosure of your Identity


Should the AFP be required to consult with third parties in accordance
with the sections 26A, 27 and 27A of the Act, please advise us if you have
any objections to those parties knowing your identity for the purposes of
the consultation.  If we do not receive your consent, we will not disclose
your identity to third parties.


Photographic Identification


I note that you have requested information in relation to yourself.  To
ensure that your personal information is not inappropriately released to
someone other than yourself, we request that you provide a form of
photographic identification, such as a copy of your driver’s licence or
passport, to verify your identity.  If you do not supply us with a copy of
your identification, the information may be exempt and we will not be able
to release documents to you.




Robyn (AFP 23141)
FOI Officer
Chief Counsel

Tel (02) 5126 9366 ext 26 7095

[2]Australian Federal Police



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