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Dear NSW Police Force,

The following is an article published by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2017.

“ Queanbeyan police will go to the homes of people on a secret NSW police watchlist without cause and will actively seek these people on the street.

NSW Police sources said the border town police would routinely doorknock persons on the Suspect Targeting Management Plan (STMP).

A specialist "proactive" unit – the Target Action Group – consisting of a handful of police will also drive around Queanbeyan for hours trying to find people on the plan.

NSW police commissioner Mick Fuller told state parliament on Thursday of the 1800 people on the STMP statewide, 1017 – or about 56 per cent – are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

"I believe in STMP and I believe in proactivity, but I am not proud of the incarceration rates of Aboriginal people in New South Wales and I am taking steps to improve that," Mr Fuller said. He said the youngest on the plan was nine years old.”

My experience is that this is still happening with Queanbeyan Police.

What steps have been taken to monitor that members of the Queanbeyan community are no longer “blacklisted” and targeted unfairly?

What further steps can be taken to ensure safety from the predatory actions of police in Queanbeyan toward selected members of the community?

Yours faithfully,

Lauren Ainslie

NSW Police Force

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