Telephone calls of regional incubator facilitator Daniel Smith

Witherspoon made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Currently waiting for a response from Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

From: Witherspoon


FOI team,

I would like to see the date, time, destination number, call duration and (where available) geographical origin of all telephone calls made by Regional Incubator Facilitator Daniel Smith from his telephone number (0419 817 671) to any department telephone number from 1/11/2018 until 22/11/2018 inclusively and from 28/10/2019 until 15/12/2019 inclusively.

Thank you,

Harry Witherspoon

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From: Freedom of Information
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Good morning Mr Witherspoon

I'm writing to request that you please remove the private mobile number of Mr Smith from your request on the Right to Know website.

It is not appropriate to include an individual's personal information in a public forum such as this one. For the sake of processing this request we have noted the number that you provided.

For transparency, I will also write to Right to Know to ask that the information be removed.

In the future, you are welcome to email the FOI team directly to provide that level of detail, however we ask that you are mindful of the information which you are publishing in this forum.


FOI Team
Legal, Audit and Assurance Branch


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From: Witherspoon



Daniel's phone number is publicly available on the department's website as a regional incubator facilitator with full contact details provided.

Rather than shielding Mr Smith like a protected species and yet again strong arming right to know into censoring his details with baseless accusations after pretending that you don't know his telephone number ( ), I would advise you and your colleagues to be more mindful of adhering to the FOI Act and to refrain from engaging in abuse of public office given that you are all under investigation.

How's that, Erin?


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