The number of reports, investigations and results, of fraud against providers, (registered and unregistered) from Jan 1st 2019 - Jan 1st 2020,

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Shirley Humphris

Dear National Disability Insurance Agency,

This is a request under the FOI Act

Please send documents on
1. The number of reports of fraud against providers (registered and unregistered) between Jan 1st 2019 to Jan 1st 2020
2. The number of the above reports investigated.
3. The number of those investigations that found fraud.
4. The reasons for the above investigations found to be fraudulent.
5. The amount of money found to be fraudulently claimed by providers during the same time period.
6. The number of random audits of providers conducted during the above time period.
7. The number of those audits that revealed fraud
8. The amount of money of that fraud
9. The reasons that the money was found to be claimed fraudulently.
10. The numbers of alleged fraud actions in that time period that were appealed
11. The results of the appeals.

Yours faithfully,

Shirley Humphris

National Disability Insurance Agency

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