University research policies regarding self-experimentation

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To the University.

I would be grateful if you would, if possible, deal with this request under administrative arrangements rather than invoking the cumbersome machinery of the Freedom of Information/Right to Information Act.

I am seeking a copy of any policy documents that your university has (most likely with your Human Research Ethics Committee [HREC], or similar) regarding research involving self-experimentation, by which I mean those projects or experiments in which the only participant is the researcher themselves.

I am particularly interested in (i) whether your university has an explicit policy regarding self-experimentation, and (ii) whether self-experimentation requires HREC review.

Yours faithfully,

Mark R. Diamond

GIPAA, University of New South Wales

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your query.

The University does not have a specific policy on self-experimentation.

For your reference, all policies and information relating to the human research ethics at the University is publicly available at:

UNSW Right to Information

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Dear Paul,
Many thanks for the information
Yours sincerely,

Mark R. Diamond