Use of English on Driver's licence

Wayne Morgan made this Freedom of Information request to SA Attorney-General's Department

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The request was successful.

Dear SA Attorney-General's Department,

Can you please advise what manual of styles is used to create a driver's licence for South Australia?

This is an informal request.

Yours faithfully,

Wayne Morgan

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Thank you

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Stone, Andrew (DPTI),

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Dear Wayne,
Thank you for your enquiry below which was forwarded to this area for a
Australia does not have a national driver licence card design
standard. However, there is a National Driver Licensing Scheme and
supporting principles under which all Australian driver licences contain a
photo of the licensed driver, standard data elements including name,
address, date of birth and card number and a range of security features.
There is no specific standard though on the exact use of wording and there
are no policies or documents specific to the wording on South Australian
Further information regarding the features for each Australian driver
licence card can be found in the 2015 version of the [1]International ID
Checking Guide.
Some countries will have details in languages other than their official
language however no Australian licence features anything other than
I have attached details of the current South Australian driver’s licence
from the above Guide including security features and how these have
evolved over recent years. A sample image of the current licence is
included, along with a proof of age card which is also issued by this
More information about driver licensing across Australia can be found on
the website of Austroads (the Association of Australian and New Zealand
road authorities / agencies)
I trust this information is of assistance.
Yours sincerely
Andrew Stone
Senior Policy Officer, Driver Regulation
Regulation Directorate
SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
E [3][email address]
77 Grenfell St Adelaide 5000  •  GPO Box 1533 Adelaide, SA 5001 •  DX 171 
•  [4]
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Dear Stone, Andrew (DPTI),

Thank you very much for your kind reply. The information you have provided is invaluable.

Yours sincerely,

Wayne Morgan