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Samantha Jonscher made this Freedom of Information request to Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Samantha Jonscher

Dear Art Gallery of Western Australia,

I'm hoping that you can please provide me with documents that detail the customer complaints that the gallery has fielded for (if possible) the last three years.

Please consider this a formal freedom of information request.

Thanks for your time,

Yours faithfully,

Samantha Jonscher

Sarah Rizk, Art Gallery of Western Australia

Dear Ms Jonscher, 
I refer to your email dated today requesting access to documents under
Freedom of Information (FOI) from the Art Gallery of Western Australia. 
Please be advised under Schedule 2 to the Freedom of Information
Regulations 1993, the Art Gallery of Western Australia is regarded as part
of the Department of Culture and Arts (the Department) for matters arising
out of, or under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (the Act).   
Therefore, the Department will be dealing with your request in this
To assist the Department in confirming your FOI application, please
provide the following:
1. An address in Australia to which notices under the Act can be sent; 
2. Specify the form of access desired - i.e. copies of documents,
inspection of file or otherwise.
3. As this appears to be an application for non‑personal information, an
application fee of $30.00 applies. Please note we cannot confirm your
access application until the application fee is paid. If you have already
made payment of the application fee provide me with the details of the
date on which the fee was paid, in what manner it was paid and a receipt
number if available. If you have not made payment of the application fee,
please contact me to arrange payment. Payment may be received either in
person in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer. 
Once the above information is received and the application fee confirmed
your FOI application will be deemed validated and the Department shall
respond to you with a decision within 45 days of that date.
Should you wish to discuss anything in this email or require further
information, please feel free to contact me via email or alternatively you
may call me on my direct line (08) 6552 7361. 
Kind regards,
Sarah Rizk 
Legal Officer and FOI Coordinator
Office of Director General | Department of Culture and the Arts 
A: PO Box 8349, Perth Business Centre WA 6849 P: +61 8 6552 7361 
E: [1][email address] W: [2]
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