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Hi Daniel   The names I listed are the correct names, which we identified after consultation with Heather Davis.   Heather is definitely the p...
Issuing Authority of Fines in Quay St, Ultimo
Response by City of Sydney to Harrison Woodward on .
Awaiting classification.
Hello   I write with regard to your recent information access request(s). Although we typically process requests within 10 working days, given the...
City animal rangers - Yellowmundee Park
Response by City of Sydney to Jonathon Lau on .
Partially successful.
Dear Jonathon   Thank you for your Information Access request (ref. 2019/217870) relating to the City animal rangers surveillance of Yellomundee R...
Resilient Sydney
Response by City of Sydney to John on .
Attention of: John at: [1][FOI #4399 email], and [2][email address]   Dear John, Please see below the response to your query about the Resilient...
Usage of cars in allocated on-street car share spots
Response by City of Sydney to Anna on .
Partially successful.
Dear Anna,   Thank you for your GIPAA Informal Request (ref: 2017/634725), requesting access to the “…car share operators’…monthly reports to Coun...
Council Ranger issued fines
Response by City of Sydney to observant1 on .
Dear Nathan,   Many thanks for your below email.    Your below query was forwarded to the City Rangers Section for response.  Please see below...
Thank you for your response. Yours sincerely, Edward Black
Information in relation to Waterloo housing commission.
Response by City of Sydney to Angus on .
Information not held.
Dear Angus, Thank you for your below Enquiry (ref: 2016/664079), requesting information on: "the removal of the waterloo housing commission in order...
Tree data
Response by City of Sydney to Luke Bacon on .
Many thanks Luke. However, I shall pass on your thanks to my work colleague's in Council's City Greening and Leisure Section who have done all the hard...
Parking Officer Assaults/Abuse between 2010-2015
Response by City of Sydney to Lucy Dwyer on .
  Hi Lucy,   Below is the information we have at hand from our incident management system.   Year Verbal Physical Total 2009 37 16 53 2010...
Homelessness in Central station park
Response by City of Sydney to Brooke Sheehan on .
Waiting clarification.
Dear Brooke,   Many thanks for your email, apologies I have not responded sooner, I have been out of the office for much of this week. I would be...
Volume and categories of problems reported
Follow up sent to City of Sydney by Henare Degan on .
Hi Peri, That's wonderful, thanks so much for getting me that information! Cheers, Henare

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