Commonwealth Ombudsman

Part of the Prime Minister portfolio and a Federal authority, also called CO

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The Commonwealth Ombudsman safeguards the community in its dealings with Australian Government agencies. The Ombudsman’s office handles complaints, conducts investigations, performs audits and inspections, encourages good administration, and carries out specialist oversight tasks. The Commonwealth Ombudsman is also the Defence Force, Immigration, Law Enforcement, Taxation, Postal Industry, ACT, Overseas Students Ombudsman and Norfolk Island Ombudsman.

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Dear Ms Warren   Please see the letter about your FOI request attached.   Yours sincerely   Authorised FOI Officer FOI Team Employment...
Our ref: 2019-307792   Dear Basilios Tsiopelas   I refer to your email correspondence dated 18 December 2019.   The Ombudsman’s Office hand...
Pid documents for 2014-100013
Response by Commonwealth Ombudsman to kevin zander on .
Dear Mr Zander   I attach correspondence in response to your Freedom of Information request of 31 October 2016.   Yours sincerely     Gr...
Social media policy
Follow up sent to Commonwealth Ombudsman by James Smith on .
Information not held.
Thank you for your letter and for confirming that no documents in scope exist. Yours sincerely, James Smith
Documents used as basis for decision
Request to Commonwealth Ombudsman by Nick Green. Annotated by Nick Green on .
Alarming development. Both the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal have said that a government d...
Report on NAB influencing ASIC
Response by Commonwealth Ombudsman to Phillip Sweeney on .
Information not held.
Dear Mr Sweeney   I attach correspondence in response to your Freedom of Information request of 31 March 2015.   I have sent the original deci...

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