Inspector General of Intelligence and Security

Part of the Prime Minister portfolio and a Federal authority, also called IGIS

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security is an independent statutory office holder who reviews the activities of the six intelligence agencies referred to as the “Australian Intelligence Community”, namely:

  • Australian Security Intelligence Organisation - ASIO
  • Australian Secret Intelligence Service - ASIS
  • Defence Signals Directorate - DSD
  • Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation - DIGO
  • Defence Intelligence organisation - DIO
  • Office of National Assessments - ONA

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Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews. I am writing to request an internal review of Inspector General of...
UNCLASSIFIED Correspondence reference: 2017/193 File reference: 2017/045 Dear Mr/Ms Porup I have reviewed the response to your FOI request to the Off...
FOI Delegations - 2016
Response by Inspector General of Intelligence and Security to Ben Fairless on .

Information not held.

UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Fairless The IGIS is exempt from the ordinary operation of the FOI Act (s7(2A)) as such there are no FOI delegations or direction...
UNCLASSIFIED File reference: 2016/047     Dear Aussie Enquirer   I refer to your request for documented information under the Freedom of I...
UNCLASSIFIED Correspondence reference: 2016/110 File reference: 2015/117 James Lukac [email address] Dear Mr Lukac I refer to your request for uncl...
ASIO budget 2012 and 2014
Request to Inspector General of Intelligence and Security by Ken McLeod. Annotated by Peter Feerick on .


Ken is entirely correct in his marking of this FOI request as refused. As the reply stated, ASIO is except from the scope of the FOI Act. As a result,...
Thank you for contacting the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm. Your email will be co...

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