Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority

A Queensland authority

The Residential Tenancies Authority administers the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. It provides a custodial service for rental bonds, information and community education services to the residential tenancy and residential services sectors and a conciliation service for the resolution of tenancy disputes. It provides advice to the Minister for Housing and Public Works.

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Good Morning Harry,  Thank you for your email. The Act does not reference that if a Form 9 is not signed therefore it is invalid.  You could argue...
Good afternoon William, I have received correspondence regarding your request for the RTA’s stance on third party platforms used for rent payment an...
Third-party platforms || Rules about fees. Are they caped?
Internal review request sent to Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority by William on .
Awaiting internal review.
I am still waiting for an answer from your services. I would like to know why response to my request has been so slow ? Wihtout an answer within 48...
Pollution of house
Request sent to Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority by Samantha Corkery on .
Long overdue.
I was told to write to you to see what information I can get as I was moved into a house and found out 2 days later it was a ex meth lab and I run a...
I am trying to determine the financial burden on renters during a change of residence, due to the need to lodge 2 bonds. To that end, I would like...
Bond Transfers in QLD
Request sent to Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority by Justin Tauber on .
Long overdue.
Could you please provide me with any information that would help answer the following questions: 1) What proportion of tenants in Queensland attem...

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