Financial burden on renters during a change of residence

Justin Tauber made this Right to Information request to Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority

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Justin Tauber

Dear Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority,

I am trying to determine the financial burden on renters during a change of residence, due to the need to lodge 2 bonds.

To that end, I would like to request the following information:

At some snapshot date during each year (see next field for requested date range):
* How many individual bonds were held on that date?
* What were the median and average values of bonds held on that date?
* What proportion of all renters with registered bonds had more than 1 bond registered in their name?
* For those individuals with more than one bond, what were the median and average values of the total bonds held for that individual?

Can you also please provide:
* the proportion of leases that terminate through eviction or other process that is non-voluntary for / not initiated by the renters?

I would like comparison data for the last 20 yrs.
Please provide all available data for any year between 1996 and 2016, inclusively.

Yours faithfully,

Justin Tauber