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Review of Australian drug diversion programs
Response by Department of Health to Will Tregoning on .
Waiting clarification.
Attention: Will Tregoning Thank you for your request to the Australian Government Department of Health (Department) of 19 February 2019 seeking acces...
Dear Posty Thank you for the email below. We note that the FOI disclosure log has been updated to provide a link the document listed in the 2015/16 t...
My license issued date
Response by VicRoads to Tamilselvam Thageen on .
Long overdue.
Dear Sir/Madam, The information you have requested is available outside of FOI process for a fee at the link attached below: https://www.vicroads.vic...
Dear Posty   I refer to your request for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). You requested access to:   ‘...
Information for further action
Internal review request sent to Medibank Private Limited by Ben nolan on .
Awaiting internal review.
Please forward me the requested information post haste. I note my initial request was received by you on 4 December 2018. I believe you are...
APSC Gift Register
Follow up sent to Australian Public Service Commission by M Poler on .
Many thanks.
Public servants access to ‘top up ‘ hearing aids
Response by Comcare to Geoff Griffiths on .
Awaiting classification.
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Griffiths,   Thank you for your email of 12 February 2019 seeking access under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI...
John Lloyd and George Pell
Response by Australian Public Service Commission to D Ward on .
Information not held.
Dear Sir/Madam Please find attached correspondence in response to your FOI request. Regards ___________________________________________________ FOI O...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Hirsch   FOI request FA 18/09/00469   I refer to your FOI request received on 7 September 2018, seeking access to the f...
Firstly I apologise, I have been doing batch requests for information and as such my attention is divided, I did not notice that you had separated t...
UNCLASSIFIED Good morning Thank you for your request for copies of all documents referenced but not published on the Department of Home Affairs FOI di...
APSC and the Minister
Response by Australian Public Service Commission to M Poler on .
FOI Request C19/328   Dear M Poler,   Please find attached correspondence relating to your FOI request.   Regards,     FOI Officer...
I would like to withdraw this request. Thankyou Yours faithfully, Prudence Wilkins-Wheat
Dear Ms McIntosh   Thank you for your request of 12 February 2019.   Please find attached correspondence in response to your request. Please n...
Review of Australian drug diversion programs
Follow up sent to Department of Health by Will Tregoning on .
Withdrawn by the requester.
I have a separate request for the same report. This first request omitted the mention of the FOI Act. The newer request includes this detail, and ha...
Good Morning   We refer to your informal GIPA request seeking access to Council records.   Your request has been considered in accordance with...
NBN Policy Versions
Follow up sent to NBN Co Limited by Daniel on .
Long overdue.
This was a request on an FOI website; clearly it would be under the freedom of information act 1982 and by law you should have responded. Next steps...
Fines Issued to Lime Scooter Users
Response by Brisbane City Council to Elliot on .
Dear Elliott, Thank you for your email. I can confirm for you that Council’s consent specifically relates to the placement of the Lime Scooters on Co...
WhatsApp messages
Response by Minister for Home Affairs to Jackson Gothe-Snape on .
Partially successful.
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Gothe-Snape,   Please find attached a decision letter, schedule of documents and released documents in relation to your FOI...
International Treaty Obligations Assessment (ITOA)
Response by Department of Home Affairs to Nishadh Rego on .
Waiting clarification.
UNCLASSIFIED In reply please quote: FOI Request: FA 19/02/00923 Dear Nishadh Acknowledgement of Freedom of Information Access request I refer to y...
Comcare does not want to make an effort to locate the easily retrieved information. They have not addressed all matters raised in the request for Inter...
NBN Integrated Product Roadmap from January or February 2017
Response by NBN Co Limited to MI on .
MI - Here is nbn's decision, providing full access to the document requested. Best regards, David Mesman 15 February 2019 “MI”, a pseudonym Sent vi...
Decisions about publishing on the FOI Disclosure Log
Request to Attorney-General's Department by Evelyn Doyle. Annotated by Evelyn Doyle on .
Partially successful.
Thank you JS, for the referral to an earlier FOI request covering similar ground. It is interesting to note fewer redactions, on reading the detail...
Estimates briefing
Follow up sent to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by O Wendell on .
Partially successful.
ok - thanks.
Investment plan follow through
Response by Department of Education to P. Gale on .
Dear Mrs Gale and V Wilson,   Please find attached correspondence in relation to your FOI request.   Kind regards,   Freedom of Information...