Dear Deakin University,

I wish to obtain documents that evidence the activity of Gregory Honeyman as a teacher or lecturer ( or similar function) at Deakin University anytime within the last seven years in either a personal capacity or as a representative of a business or a company as an employee or a contractor whether for payment or in an honorary basis..

Further, contingent on a positive response to the above, the time span of a continuing engagement from commencement to cessation or , if on a sessional arrangement, the actual dates of attendance. The amount /s of time spent addressing students. in each session and the actual syllabus taught or lectured upon.

Further, contingent on a negative response that he or it are not known to Deakin, a response to that affect.

Lastly, if Deakin partially or fully refuses to supply all, some or any information sought on the basis that such supply would breach a Privacy Principle as contemplated by a salient Act of Parliament, identification of such Privacy Principle/s and the rationale for such decision.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Berlyn