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As a university, Deakin University will hold information on its admission statistics and policy.

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Dear Mark, Thank you for your email. Deakin University's policies are available to view at Kind regards, Sandra Musse...
Activity of Gregory Honeyman at Deakin
Request sent to Deakin University by Peter Berlyn on .


I wish to obtain documents that evidence the activity of Gregory Honeyman as a teacher or lecturer ( or similar function) at Deakin University a...
Request access to documents alleging to be sent by me
Follow up sent to Deakin University by Mary-Ann MARTINEK on .

Awaiting classification.

Yes, I can provide a private email but this system of Right to Know will redact it from my response. Would it be ok if I rang Deakin ? and give it t...
Social Media policy
Request to Deakin University by Mary-Ann MARTINEK. Annotated by Asta on .

Awaiting internal review.

To add to the note above, the Vic FOI Act no longer includes internal reviews. Therefore the next step in the process would be to request a review by t...
Disclosure log
Follow up sent to Deakin University by P. Gale on .

Information not held.

The information you provided was most helpful. I will be interested to discover whether there are any universities that publish disclosure logs desp...

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