Afghanistan Inquiry Implementation Oversight Panel Report 07

The request was partially successful.

Dear Department of Defence,

I request a copy of Afghanistan Inquiry Implementation Oversight Panel Report 07, in particular section 4 where redactions have been made on the basis of s45 exemptions.

s45 does not appear to apply as not all of the 5 criteria have been met. In particular there is no confidential information that appears to be specifically identified, but rather the information is in global terms. i.e. the redacted portion appears to be a summarised view of a group being "special forces members and veterans".

Further, the information does not appear to have the quality of confidentiality as similar broad statements as to "views" of veterans and serving members have been released, un-redacted, in prior and subsequent Panel reports.

There is also unlikely be any detriment to the "person" who provided the confidential information, as no specific person is identified (rather a broad undefined group is said to have the "view")

Please could you send the unredacted report as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

FOI Case Management, Department of Defence

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Dear James,


Please find attached the Decision and document relating to Defence FOI
request 429/23/24.


Under section 54 of the FOI Act, you are entitled to request a review of
this decision. Your review rights are attached.


Please contact this office should you require any further information.


Kind regards,



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