Chemical Trails

Glenn made this Freedom of Information request to National Health and Medical Research Council

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The request was refused by National Health and Medical Research Council.

Dear National Health and Medical Research Council,

I would like to request information you have on current chemicals being used in Australian skies.. And who is responsible for the distribution of these said chemicals, and why is it that the Australian population is not privy or given information on them

Yours faithfully, Glenn Baker.

NHMRC FOI, National Health and Medical Research Council

Dear Mr Baker


Thank you for your email. Unfortunately your email is not a valid FOI


To make a request for documents under the FOI Act, an application must:

·         Be made in writing;

·         State that the request is a request for the purposes of the FOI

·         Provide enough information about the document or documents
sought; and

·         Specify how notices and documents can be sent to you (for
example an email address).


If you do wish to submit a FOI request, please include the requirements
above in your request.


Please Note - the information you are requesting appears to be out of
NHMRC’s scope. You might like to contact The Department of the Environment
- [1] to assist
with your FOI request.


Kind regards,

FOI team

NHMRC Freedom of Information  
National Health & Medical Research Council

p : 02 6217 9406
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