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From: Posty


Dear [Authority name] FOI Team,

I’d like to start 2019 by thanking you all for your hard work and commitment to transparency over the years, and for your correct interpretation of section 11C of the FOI Act.

In particular, I appreciate the fact that in 2018 (and other years) for each FOI request you have made unredacted and/or redacted documents available online for download for the public from your website as per the standard set by the Office of the Information Commissioner FOI log.

It has been noticed that some federal agencies (other than yourselves) are choosing to put statements in their FOI log, by each item, the equivalent of “contact us for access to the document”. In some egregious cases they are doing this for all FOI items!

You are setting a great standard for FOI in this country, and this deserves recognition. I can’t afford any award but you have been named a “Leader of the Pack” in my article about the aforementioned phenomenon which will shortly be published.

I’d like the public to know whether this has been a thankless task or not.

I request, under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, copies of the following documents:
All email (or the last 3 years, if that is too voluminous) sent to the Freedom of Information Team’s email address that feature compliments relating to this department's Freedom of Information Disclosure Log.

If there’s too many of them, and the redaction would require too much effort to do, a simple number of documents over the time period is fine (a year breakdown would be great but I don’t want to push it).

If none exist—that’s fine too. I’d like to know.

If you require any time extension, I grant an extra 30 days.

Happy New Year!



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Sent request to Department of the Treasury again.

Ben Fairless left an annotation ()

The Department says they didn't get the request, so I've resent it at their request.

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From: FOI
Department of the Treasury

We acknowledge receipt of your request.

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