DA 2019.115 - documentary evidence that adjacent and adjoining landowners were given 14 days notification of this development proposal

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Dear Bega Valley Shire Council,

DA 2019.115 refers to the application put to Council in 2019 to instal four very tall floodlight towers on the oval at the Tathra Beach Country Club. The application was approved “ under delegation” and the lights were installed just before Easter in 2023. When I made inquiries about the process leading to approval of the lights, a senior Council official told me: “ The development application was notified in accordance with Council’s notification requirements of the day. This required adjoining and adjacent landowners being notified of the development for a period of 14 days for comments.” I would like to see any documents which evidence the fact that landowners “ adjoining and adjacent to” the oval at which the lights were being erected — including any residents of the Tathra River Estate - were notified of the development “ for a period of 14 days for comments”.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Taylor

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