Effectiveness of the work-for-the-dole program

Gaius Maxwell made this Freedom of Information request to Productivity Commission

Productivity Commission did not have the information requested.

From: Gaius Maxwell


Dear Productivity Commission,

I am seeking any and all data you may have pertaining to the effectiveness of the work-for-the-dole program.

Specifically, data showing whether or not it reduces the unemployment rate, and more specifically, a breakdown of those actually gaining employment vs. those that are simply put on the work-for-the-dole program.

As I understand it, when a stream participant is placed in a WftD program their statistic is removed from unemployment, I would like to know if job seekers are actually gaining meaningful, true employment from work-for-the-dole, or if they are simply being placed in work-for-the-dole to artificially reduce unemployment statistics.

Yours faithfully,
Gaius Maxwell

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Productivity Commission

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