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Lachlan made this Freedom of Information request to Environment Protection Authority Victoria

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by Environment Protection Authority Victoria.

Dear Environment Protection Authority Victoria,

Can you please provide a breakdown of the enforcement actions following up from litter reporting via the mobile app and other avenues
-total reports received
-number/proportion of invalid reports
-number/proportion of warnings issued
-number/proportion of fines issued
-number/proportion of fines successfully contested
-number/proportion of any other outcomes from reported cases
-the decision making process behind enforcement actions

it would be great if this could be provided for a recent annual timeframe or longer period if readily available

Yours faithfully,


foi, Environment Protection Authority Victoria

Hi Lachlan,

To make an FOI request, there are three requirements:

1.Clearly identify the documents you seek. If there is a particular date or date range of which you are aware and that is relevant, please also specify that.
2.Make the request in writing by email to [Environment Protection Authority Victoria request email], or you can send it by post to the same address for sending a cheque for the payment of the application fee (see below).
3.Pay the application fee (further details below).

Paying the application fee
Under s17 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the Act), a request for access to information must be accompanied by a fee of $29.60. You can pay by credit card, electronic funds transfer (from your bank) (EFT), or cheque.

Credit Card payment or EFT
You can pay the application fee by credit card by:
•calling 1300 372 842
•selecting option 4
•telling the Customer Services Officer that you wish to make a payment of the FOI application fee (if you have a reference number from us, please tell the Customer Services Officer to include this on the receipt).

For payment by EFT, call the number and select the option as if for a credit card payment, but tell the Customer Services Officer that you want to pay by EFT. The Customer Services Officer will give you banking details for the EPA.

Please email [Environment Protection Authority Victoria request email] after you’ve made the payment so that we can validate your request.

You can make payment of the fee by forwarding a cheque made out to the Environment Protection Authority (along with a copy of the request you are making) to our office at the following address:
FOI unit
Environment Protection Authority
GPO Box 4395

For more information about the process of making an FOI request to the EPA, please go to this webpage: https://ref.epa.vic.gov.au/about-us/legi...

Please contact me if you have any questions about this matter.

Kind Regards,

Colin Wolfe
FOI Officer
Legal Services

Environment Protection Authority Victoria
181 William Street, Melbourne
 0391945419 | E [email address] | www.epa.vic.gov.au

We work flexibly at EPA. If I’m sending this message outside of normal business hours it’s because it suits me. There is no expectation that you will respond outside your working hours.

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Dear Colin,

Thanks for the quick response
You have asked that I "Clearly identify the documents you seek". Does my initial request fulfil this requirement, or would I need to be more specific?

Yours sincerely,


foi, Environment Protection Authority Victoria

Hi Lachlan,

Please pay the application fee if you want to proceed with an FOI request. Once you have done that, I will check with the relevant area of the EPA about whether there are any issues with the clarity of your request.

I've included the information in my email to prompt you to consider the clarity of what you've put down in making your request. If you think there are ways you can make it clearer at this point in time, please do so.

Kind regards,


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