Expenditure relating to 2017 Midwinter Ball

John Westbrook made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Parliamentary Services
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John Westbrook

Dear Department of Parliamentary Services,

I note that the Department of Parliamentary Services is listed as a "sponsor" of the 2017 Midwinter Ball on the website advertising the event (http://www.midwinterball.com.au/sponsors...).

I request itemised details of any expenditure incurred by the department for the purpose of sponsoring this event.

Yours faithfully,

John Westbrook

DPS Information Requests, Department of Parliamentary Services

Dear John


We acknowledge receipt of your request for information as outlined below,
received via email on 15 June 2017.


We advise that your request will be forwarded to the appropriate line area
to be considered in accordance with the [1]DPS Policy on Information
Requests. We will endeavour to process your request within thirty (30)
days of receipt (in this case by 15 July 2017).


We also note that Information Requests that are considered to be resource
intensive (for example, if responding to the request would substantially
and unreasonably divert the department’s resources) will not be actioned.
In these circumstances DPS may consider it appropriate to narrow the scope
of the request or provide only statistical data that can be readily
obtained and is appropriate to disclose.


Please don’t hesitate to contact this mailbox if you have any queries or
concerns in relation to the above.




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