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Freedom Of Information Disclosure Log

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Dear National Disability Insurance Agency,

Dear FOI Department,

It has been noticed there are documents on your Freedom Of Information Disclosure Log where you have put the most redundant text next to FOI disclosures—the equivalent of “if you would like access to these documents, please email/contact us for access”.

Any person reviewing the information on that site would of course be after the documents. This lack of access displays complete disregard of the spirit of the FOI act section 11C and thus I request, under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, copies of the following documents:

All documents as is (that is, redacted or unredacted) from all previously made decisions on your department's FOI log that are currently not available for download direct from the website.

My preferred method of delivery for this information is for it to be placed on your department's Freedom of Information disclosure log web page as per part A) of 11C of the FOI Act. Should this request be successful you can put a simple list of the documents that were made available from the request, or whatever is most expedient, on the log.

I apologise for my pessimism, but past FOI experiences have led me to believe this request may elicit a response similar to “this request would divert too many resources of your department to complete”. Should you be thinking this, you have nobody to blame but yourselves—your department made this metaphorical bed.

Should you be seriously considering a practical refusal, my alternative request is for any documents that your department holds relating to the decision to include text on your freedom of information disclosure log similar to "contact us for access to this document".

In addition I request the total of the number of times any member of the public has asked for access to each non-website published successful documents on the FOI disclosure log other than the original successful applicant.

I do accept there is a very remote possibility there is a “Good Reason” for these not being available, and I hope these are contained within the documents provided as I cannot foresee any.

Yours faithfully,


foi, National Disability Insurance Agency

Thank you for your email to the National Disability Insurance Agency
(NDIA) Freedom of Information (FOI) team.      


If your email relates to an FOI application made under the
Commonwealth Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act), we will respond to
you as soon as practicable.     


This email address is for applications under the FOI Act only. Our team is
unable to respond to non-FOI related enquiries sent to this email address.
Any correspondence received that is not related to an FOI request will not
be responded to or forwarded.    


Please be aware: due to a high volume of requests, our ability to respond
to you in a timely manner has been affected. However, we will action your
request as soon as possible. In addition, we are currently experiencing
delays in processing FOI requests. As a result, whilst we will endeavour
to process your matter within the [1]legislative deadlines, we may need to
ask for an extension of time. We appreciate your understanding if this is


The NDIA has a number of other ways to access the documents and
information that we hold. Please visit our [2]Access to
Information webpage to find out more about accessing information

o The [3]myplace portal for participants   
o The [4]myplace portal for providers   
o The [5]Participant Information Access (PIA) scheme   
o The [6]Information Publication Scheme (IPS)  

You can also request data and statistics outside of the FOI Act. Please
visit our [7]Data and insights webpage page for further information. 

Information about how to make an FOI request can be found on our
website: [8]Freedom of Information | NDIS. The FOI Act sets out the
criteria that must be met for a request to be considered. The request you
send us must:    

o be in writing    
o state that the request is an application for the purposes of the FOI
o provide enough information to allow us to identify the documents you
are requesting    
o provide an address for reply, either electronic or hard copy.     

If you have questions about making an FOI request, or to enquire about a
current FOI request, please email us with your preferred contact method
and an FOI Decision Maker will contact you.  

Should you have a query unrelated to FOI, please contact the Agency by
email at [9][email address] or via webchat at [10]NDIA Web Chat
(ndis.gov.au). Alternatively, you can also contact us by phoning 1800 800

Kind regards   

Freedom of Information Team  
Parliamentary, Ministerial and FOI Branch  
Government Division  
National Disability Insurance Agency  
E: [11][NDIA request email]     


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Renee please sign in and let everyone know.