Dear Digital Transformation Agency,

Please provide a copy of document with ID 168 from your disclosure log here

Yours faithfully,


FOI, Digital Transformation Agency



I have reviewed the documents relating to this request, and have found that the request was published on our disclosure log in error.

The Freedom Of Information Act at s 11C provides that we must publish a disclosure log except in the case where the information is about the business, commercial, financial, or professional affairs of any person and it would be unreasonable to publish this information.

Having reviewed the information it relates to contractual information about a commercial entity and contains personal information about that entity's staff. This application is of a kind that the identity of the applicant would be an important consideration for if it would be release. For this reason I find that it would be unreasonable for us to release this information. The document has been removed from our disclosure log.

For this reason we will not be providing the documentation as provided in s 11C(1) of the FOI Act.


Freedom of Information
Digital Transformation Agency (DTA)
Australian Government
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Dear Morgan,
Thanks for your response

Yours sincerely,