Intelligence street, Intercept circuit, Townsville. Explanation of military terminology used in new suburb's street names in Townsville.

Jessica Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Defence

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From: Jessica Smith


Dear Department of Defence,

This is a Freedom of Information request to The Department of Defence.

This request is for The Department of Defence to provide sound explanation to all Australian citizens, of possible military structures being stealthily constructed within civilian suburbs. Particularly this request is in regard to a new area of Idalia, Townsville, which has military terminology on street names such as, 'Intelligence street' and 'Intercept circuit.' I have attached photographs of these streets' signs. These images were captured in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

The Department of Defence is to provide an explanation of this to not only Australian citizens, but also Australian Defence personel. All of us have the right to know why military terminology is being used in street names in civilian suburbs in Australia.


Yours faithfully,

Jessica Smith

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