KPMG Audit Report in FOI

Verity Pane made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Veterans' Affairs

The request was successful.

From: Verity Pane


Dear Department of Veterans' Affairs,

In ‘ED’ and Department of Veterans’ Affairs [2014] AICmr 143 (10 December 2014), which overturned a FOI refusal by DVA, there was reference to a KPMG Audit Report that was the sole document that was in the scope of that FOI.

I checked the disclosure log on the DVA website, but there was no such document (I note, contrary to normal practice, DVA require documents mentioned in the disclosure log to be requested by email anyway, which rather defeats the purpose of a disclosure log).

I therefore request access administratively, but failing that, under FOI for that KPMG Audit Report (although given this non-PI document has been previously disclosed under FOI, it would be contrary to law to require FOI again).

I ask that given this document should have been in the disclosure log, that timely access is given in the next couple of days, not contrary to the FOIA, dragged out 30 days.

Yours faithfully,

Verity Pane

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From: FOI
Department of Veterans' Affairs

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Dear Ms Pane,

Please find attached the document in question.

Kind regards,

Alexander Gent
Legal Officer
Information Law
Legal Services & Assurance Branch
Department of Veterans’ Affairs |
ph (02) 6289 6581 | ext 616581 | e [email address]

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