List of attendees and documents from official briefing on May 27th 2014

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Dear Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General,

I hereby request, under the Freedom of Information Act (1982),
copies of the following documents:

a) Minutes from Attorney General Brandis' meeting held on the
evening of 27th of May 2014 (Reference to this meeting can be found
on page 77 of the official Legal and Constitutional Affairs
Legislation Committee transcript held on the 28th of May 2014 which
can be found at the following URL
b) A full list of all attendees to this meeting and the capacity in
which they attended this meeting.
c) Any supplementary documents that were created during this
meeting or as result of the meeting

I also make the application that all costs for the processing of
this request be waived on the grounds that the release of this
information is in the public interest, will enhance the
transparency of the process and the public debate surrounding
potential legislative changes.

Yours faithfully,
Anthony Dunbar

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