List of Government Domain Names

Alex Sadleir made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Finance

The request was successful.

From: Alex Sadleir

Dear Department of Finance and Deregulation FOI Coordinator,

I am seeking the following document under the Commonwealth Freedom
of Information Act 1982.

1) The list of government domain names as contained in the
"compendium of the Australian Government web estate" referred to in
the Australian Government Domain Name Policy administered by AGIMO

Yours faithfully,

Alex Sadleir

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From: FOI Requests
Department of Finance


Dear Mr Sadlier

The information you are seeking is publicly available at

Could you advise if, given the information is publicly available, you wish to withdraw your FOI request.


Jill Clark
FOI Co-ordinator
Legal Services Branch
Chief Operating Officer Group
Department of Finance and Deregulation
T: 02 6215 1783 | E: [email address]
A: John Gorton Building, King Edward Terrace, PARKES ACT 2600

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From: Alex Sadleir

Thank you for bringing this website to my attention, it does indeed
contain the information I was seeking.

Please consider the FOI request withdrawn.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Sadleir

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Henare Degan left an annotation ()

Such a quick response, bravo to the department!

Alex, did you find a downloadable version?

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Steve C. left an annotation ()

I've recently pulled this data off the same website list and uploaded for you/others. See the paste, in CSV format, here:

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Henare Degan left an annotation ()

Thanks Steve!

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Steve C. left an annotation ()

On further investigation, the list doesn't appear to be the full list of websites (and thus the scrape above isn't the full list either). For example, is not listed.

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