Lodgement of a Fund Registration Request

Julie Simpson made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

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Dear Australian Prudential Regulation Authority,

The Applicant refers to a letter dated 16 March 2006 to Mr Julian Marks, Manager - South West Region APRA from the Trustee Corporate Combined Superannuation Pty Ltd {CCSL}(RSE Licence L0000758) signed by Nicholas D J Brookes.

The letter sates that the "Trust Deed for the Fund plus Amendments" have been attached

Attached to this letter also was a copy of an executed Deed appointing CCSL as the sole Trustee of the Fund.

The Applicant is seeking a copy of this Deed of appointment.

Yours faithfully,

Julie Simpson

Freedom of Information, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

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Dear Mr Sweeney,
Please see attached, APRA’s acknowledgment letter dated 30 September 2015
Kind regards,
APRA FOI Officer

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Freedom of Information, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

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Dear Ms Simpson

Please see the attached charges notice.

Kind regards


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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

I do not know how I missed the mistake by the agency. In the acknowledgment email (https://www.righttoknow.org.au/request/l... ) the agency writes to "Mr Sweeney" but in the attachment the agency correctly refers to Ms Simpson.

There are several applications where the agency has said "From the information you have been able to provide ... we are of the view that you are associated with (or may even be) a Mr Phillip Sweeney " (f.eks.: https://www.righttoknow.org.au/request/r... ) but it is bizarre and rather unprofessional for an agency to let this affect the writing of an email to a person who they cannot be sure is not exactly she says that she is.